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You are welcome to cite this piece. Education in England: a brief history www. 600-1800 Beginnings 597 St Augustine arrived in England. 598 First grammar school established at Canterbury. 600s More grammar schools established at Dorchester, Winchester, Hexham, Malmesbury, Lichfield, Hereford and Worcester.

776 Alcuin established school at York. 6 August 1851: grants to certificated teachers in training schools. 23 July 1852: grants to assistant teachers in elementary schools. 2 April 1853: grants for the support of schools. 20 August 1853: Queen’s Scholars, apprentices and certificated teachers. 2 June 1856: admission of Queen’s Scholars and annual examination of students in training colleges.

4 May 1859: cancelled Section 9 in the Minute of 20 August 1853. 1840 Grammar Schools Act 1840: allowed endowment funds to be spent on modern and commercial subjects. 1861 Newcastle Report: recommended provision of ‘sound and cheap’ elementary education, led to 1870 Elementary Education Act. 1901 Trade School for Furniture and Cabinet-making: founded at the Shoreditch Technical Institute. Butler Act’ set the structure of the post-war system of state education. LEAs to decide whether to proceed with plans for comprehensivisation.

Act relating to the adoption, custody and care of children. Towards a statement of entitlement 1977 Education in schools: a consultative document: green paper requesting LEAs to review their curriculum policies as part of the ‘Great Debate’. Labour’s 1976 Act – allowed LEAs to retain selective secondary schools. 2007 Faith in the System: faith schools agreed to ‘promote social cohesion’.

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