Not badly, considering I was seated between Jesus Christ and Napoleon. COMMENT: Why did the victors not get everything they wanted from the Treaty? What were the aims of questions jesus asked pdf makers of the Treaty of Versailles?

All three men wanted to stop a war ever happening again, but they did not agree about how to do this. They wanted different things from the peace, and they did not get on well. Disarmament: where countries agree to reduce their weapons. Self-determination: the right of nations to rule themselves. He wanted revenge, and to punish the Germans for what they had done.

He wanted to make Germany pay for the damage done during the war. He also wanted to weaken Germany, so France would never be invaded again. HAL Fisher on Clemenceau – difficult language, but the opinion of someone writing in 1935. Georges Clemenceau, debating with Wilson and Lloyd George on 27 March 1919.

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Clemenceau summed up his attitude: ‘There are 20 million Germans too many! What should happen to the German army? How much should Germany be asked to pay for the damage done during the war? How much land should Germany lose?

Should the Treaty blame Germany for the war? What is the best way to stop a war ever happening again? He wanted to make the world safe. He wanted to end war by making a fair peace. He also promised self-determination for the peoples of Eastern Europe. HAL Fisher on Wilson – the opinion of someone writing in 1935.