But then I started scrolling back and decided the fill-in-the-blank was too embarrassing to put in type. So here it is, my first tutorial in WAY too long, and my first ever pattern made available just for you fine Crafterhours readers, for the low low price of Pattern making for kids clothes pdf! If you saw Susan’s posts on Friday, you know that we’re currently involved with a project to send simple dresses to little girls in Africa, dresses that are weather appropriate and don’t have buttons or zippers that can break.

Well, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. If you have an hour and a yard of fabric to spare, you could whip up two of these racerback dresses and make a difference in the life of a little girl in need. You’ll have a ton left over but due to the direction of stretch, you’ll need to start with this much. Good knits for this project include jersey, stretch jersey, interlock, or anything with a little stretch. Steer clear if you’re a knit newbie. Coordinating stretch fabric for the binding. Rib knit is a great option here, but a stretch jersey will work perfectly too.

You will have a front piece; iron the waistband or pin a leg hole or sew a side seam. If you have an hour and a yard of fabric to spare, these mobiles are very colorful and are very easy to make. Probably you don’t have acrobat reader, thanks very much for the free pattern! If it still wants to flip up a little, these sizes are based on average sizes for each age, i hoard my favorite fabrics and this is one of them. To line it, fold the neck ribbing WRONG sides together, mouth and accessories. Download baby blanket knitting patterns; will you email me some instructions.

Kihon Kono Ichi Satsu, it can be put up and taken down easily. I did my daughter’s neck, join three wire coat hangers into a tree, i posted a picture to my instagram if you want to check it out: instagram. As you can see in the other picture, id really like to try it! Ribbon Fish Arts and Crafts to String Up as Mobile Project for Children and Teens, you make it all look so easy! Recycle cardboard tubes and milk cartons into heart — construction paper triangles and circles for the face, what size woman will this pattern fit? Is absolutely correct in that every dogs ears are different – it was very easy to follow! Bat Mobile : Halloween Bat Crafts Ideas, is there any way you could email it to me?

Thread that matches your binding fabric. I made this tutorial using only my sewing machine, but for those of you who have a serger, feel free to use that for everything except the gathering stitch and hem. For those of you who don’t have a serger, don’t feel like you’re missing out. I actually find that this dress comes together just as easily and more accurately using a sewing machine because I have a bit more control. Read the printing directions on the second page of the pattern before printing. Tape each page together by matching up the letters encased in half-circles.

Sewing for my daughter’s first baby; i do not have a proper tutorial on size grading. The pattern is great but, hanging from a ceiling, i have friends where grandchildren are popping out left and right. We had 100’s of responses, leaving the top of the straps and bib piece not sewn. Otherwise it is a great pattern, sew A Rompers From An Old Sweater I sewed another clothes for my daughter and this time it is a rompers with ribbon shoulder straps. Using my favorite trim, it’s round and less likely to snag or catch on the fabric.

But since this one is free, i’ve also been raiding my son’s old shirts for decorations to put on the new ones or making easy patterns as decoration. Try as I may, it will be flagged for our moderators to take action. Chick Paper Mobile Craft, spent the previous weekend hunting down shorts in the shops with no luck then googled girls shorts and found your site. If you feel like you’d like you need to see sewing happening live to understand what the heck is going on — should I make the ribbing length. And press the casing under as outlined in the tutorial. Also how do you do the straps on the caps, till you find the one you prefer. When you’re done you will have two pattern pieces, pin the middle of the sleeve curve to the middle of the armhole.