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This post features products sent for consideration and may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through affiliate links helps to support this website. Today I’m sharing what my skin care routine looked like while I was pregnant. Keep in mind that I have been pregnant twice, both times in my mid to late 30s. So, this meant that I wanted to continue fighting aging. What Should a Basic Skin Care Routine Look Like?

First, a quick little review of what I think should be included in everyone’s skin care routine and any modifications for pregnancy. In my usual life I prefer chemical since it is more predictable and my skin can tolerate it well. However since the hydroxy acids are a no-go during pregnancy I’ve opted for physical exfoliation. Keeping your skin nice and plump helps with minimizing any signs of aging as well, even if the effects are temporary. I love emollients on my body though.

Sun Protection: This is always important. At a bare minimum I think everyone needs a SPF 15 with broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage, SPF 30 is even better if you can get it. I think you need to have your sunscreen in your daily moisturizer or a separate sunscreen product. I want to try and cover all of those bases, but when pregnant, a few of those ingredient categories are ones to avoid while pregnant. The first products in each category were part of my pregnancy skin care routine, then I have listed a few that are also safe to be in your pregnancy skin care routine.

Note, products may have adjustments in their ingredients lists at any time. The eye cream I used has been reformulated and I no longer recommend it. Again, the product I used while pregnant has been reformulated. After searching, I’ve found these pregnancy safe products.