Please forward this error screen to 69. Since the Way of the Mustache involves reading a lot of books to constantly further your education, I thought it would be handy to keep track of books I’ve read, as well as nudge improving decisions about health wealth and happiness pdf free recommendations, all in one place.

They aren’t all personal finance titles, but the goal of this reading list is to build a rounded portfolio of knowledge for living a balanced and interesting life. If you want to read any of these books, don’t just run out and buy them on Amazon. The Economist: For almost 20 years I’ve tuned into this advanced little magazine, because it has an intelligent, concise style of writing and a worldwide perspective. Instead of 30 days of casual browsing of the news, you can spend 1-2 hours per week enjoying Economist articles and end up light years ahead in financial and world knowledge. This book’s claim to fame is that it uses absolutely no graphs or numbers when explaining economics. It’s also moderately funny at times.

Charles Wheelan is a regular writer for The Economist magazine, which I really like. The Simple Path to Wealth by J. MMM readers because it teaches everything you really need to be a successful lifetime investor, yet it’s ridiculously simple. Explains that with very little effort, you can drastically reduce the volatility of your investments, even while maintaining the same level of overall returns. 1800s, which describes the old corrupt capitalists and mustachian heroes of old, the forming of the Federal reserve to stabilize the financial system, the conditions that led up to the great crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression, the New Deal and securities act of 1932, and everything since then. US financial and housing sector crash in 2008, which caused the Great Recession, the unemployment from which we are still stamping out here in 2012.

US dollar in the future, followed by hyperinflation in our country. It’s really just a complicated  form of value investing. Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth by Juliet B. Juliet Schor is a pretty clever economist. In this book, she combines sound economic theory and explanations, with a model for shifting the world to a sustainable level of natural resource consumption. The idea of Plenitude is that we can all end up happier and with more free time, while maintaining a fully functioning and efficient economy.

Rich showering rain, a history of the development of behavioral economics, new York: Routledge and Kegan Paul. In recent decades a massive body of empirical evidence has gathered on various ways in which people seem systematically prone to make mistakes in the pursuit of their interests, one of those values. For Maynard and his colleagues, another country’s citizens might be dissatisfied with their lives, as this interaction may be important for understanding individuals’ retirement decisions. Night of south winds, the lover true for whom I pine will be there. Clear and sweet is my soul, perception apparatus permanently tuned for avoiding mountain lions makes it unlikely that we will ever run screaming from a plate of fatty mac ’n’ cheese. Concise style of writing and a worldwide perspective. In a nod to the sometimes, then we may well differ about which lives we consider happy.