Please forward this error screen to 5. BPF to do much more than just filtering packets. These enhancements allow custom analysis programs to be executed on Linux dynamic tracing, static tracing, and profiling events. Are any ext4 operations taking node js o reilly pdf than 50 ms?

What is run queue latency, as a histogram? Which packets and apps are experiencing TCP retransmits? BPF can also be used for security modules and software defined networks. Also note: eBPF is often called just “BPF”, especially on lkml. There are different front-ends for eBPF, with bcc the most popular. In this page I’ll describe eBPF, bcc, and demonstrate some of the tracing tools I’ve developed.

I added some annotations to that screenshot. If you are new to this visualization, see my page on latency heat maps. O, fetch them on completion, calculate the delta time, and then store this in a log 2 histogram. The user space program reads this histogram array periodically, once per second, and draws the heat map. The summarization is all done in kernel context, for efficiency. You can also print these out as a cheatsheet. BPF: Tracing and More, by Brendan Gregg at linux.

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