The Intro to Sewing Coats is an online class from My fair godmother pdf Over It offering a step-by-step guide to sewing a beautiful tailored Chloe Coat. This time round I learnt everything there is to know about coat making, including some great new tips and techniques. My main piece of advice is to watch all the videos right the way through before you even think about cutting anything out. It’s always good to get a general idea of what you’ll be doing and you can flag up any bits that don’t make sense.

Most of the videos are very short, only a minute or so, which makes it easier to let the information sink in. Believe me, the more times you watch something the more it makes sense! On the plus side, you’re working with properly measured pattern pieces and don’t need to make a stab at drafting the lining yourself. This makes things far easier when it comes to the cutting out stage. On the minus side, it does result in a gigantic pattern to tape together – 84 pages in fact. The Chloe Coat is designed to be “semi-loose fitting yet flatteringfitted to your shoulders, and shaped at the front with a long cut-away dart.

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It’s a simple, classic design and because of this there’s very little fitting involved. As advised in the fitting video, it’s essential to get the shoulder measurement correct, then work from there. Once you have your pattern pieces ready to go I’d allow a full day to cut everything out. Cloth, plus lining, plus interfacing equals a lot of time spent cutting out, plus time spent ironing on the interfacing pieces. As tempting as it might be to press ahead with the sewing, I’d recommend starting the next day when your brain is fresher!