Everything from finding mcat chemistry questions pdf right online university to finding the right job! GRE Frequently Asked Questions What Does GRE Stand for?

What Do the Initials GRE Stand for? The GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. It has two parts: General Test and Subject Test. The General Test consists of analogy, antonym, reading comprehension, sentence completion, problem solving, and quantitative comparison. What Is a Good Score on the GRE? There is no so-called good or acceptable score. When Should the GRE Be Taken?

It can be taken any time in a year. However, it is better to take it before the application season. That is, from September to January, the next year. How Much Does the GRE Cost? The decision on whether or not to retake a standardized test should be based on your specific situation. There is always the possibility that you will score lower the second time around, however, if you know that you were not prepared to take the test the first time around and want to improve your score, then you should retake the test.

GRE does not test any specific knowledge. Rather, it is an intelligent exam or a so-called IQ exam. The GRE is available in a computer-based test in U. In some countries, such as China, Korea, etc, GRE is available as a paper-based test only. GRE is available at any time where computer based test is available.

How much does it cost to take the GRE test? 170 for individuals testing in all other locations. Is GRE still available in paper -based test? In the United States, the answer is not.

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