Free crochet patterns, I love finding and sharing Vintage and Modern Crochet Patterns. And I Love to create easy patterns that are Ideal for beginners, and the more advanced. You will find collections of my favourite go-to crochet patterns from free crochet scarf patterns pdf crochet patterns to adult, crochet blankets, crochet hats, cardigans, booties, bonnets and amigurumi stuffed animals and dolls.

By following this easy doll pattern you really can create a fabulous little girls doll. Your creativity can transform these into princesses worth their own stories. These dolls make a fabulous gift, and the kids will have many hours of fun with their handmade dolls. I create dolls for my nieces, and friends children, and are usually inspired by their favourite movies characters.

I love to take a basic crochet doll pattern and turn it into a beautiful princess or Prima Ballerina. I do not think I have ever seen such a wonderful reaction to a piece of my work than giving my niece her first Crochet Doll. Finished Size using Aran weight and a 4. 00mm hook Stands 14 inches head to toe. You can share the picture of the finished item. You must not use this picture in any way to sell a finished product.

ANY other SITE online not even gold coin sites! Selection of aluminium Hooks ranging in several sizes. I have this set as shown and for amigurumi I prefer the steel hooks, As I get a selection of sizes for making the tight material needed for making body parts. Cream colour yarn is perfect for the body parts. I find a nice Aran weight Cream yarn Perfect for creating The skin parts of your Doll .

The light Blue Shown is not only A popular colour Just now to Create an ‘Elsa” from Frozen inspired amigurumi doll. But I love the soft sheen and feel of this yarn. Hair colour is usually a beige or brown or whatever colour you would like the dolls hair to be. Finished Size using aran weight and a 4. OR Chain 2, work number of single crochets into the 1st chain. Saftey Eyes or Black yarn to make eyes, 25 grms Yarn for Hair Color, stitch marker or similar.

NOT JOIN, move stitch marker down each time a single round is completed. Do NOT JOIN, move stitch marker down each time a single round is completed. Rnd 1: Work 10 single crochet into a magic circle Pull tight. Note: The placement of these will now determine the front side of your doll.

You have now completed your Dolls Head. Rnd 17- 2sctog, sc around to last 2 sts of round and 2sctog in last 2 sts. Please note: Each leg will have 7 single crochet front of leg and 7 single crochet back of leg and 1 chain 1 underneath the body, each leg has 15 sts. Now continue to work 20 rounds of single crochet. Rnd 1:5 sc in 1st chain. Rnd 24: sc 2 tog around Until 4 Sts left Finish off and cut yarn. Attatch arms to side of body, and neatly weave in all ends.

And I Love to create easy patterns that are Ideal for beginners, if you’d like to make this later then you can save to your RAVELRY library here. Your selection leads to no items, notify me of follow, how do I go about printing out a copy to take on my travels? I was asked to crochet a doll for my niece who got a gorgeous pram for Christmas, fREE fantastic fall scarf crochet pattern! Download this super cute crochet doll pattern, bonnets and amigurumi stuffed animals and dolls. Volumes feature top, rescued Paws are the best for sure! UPDATE: I have now written my very own crochet doll pattern, so I can teach myself new things as I do projects.

You are free to make and sell things made from my patterns. PLEASE send people to my website if they ask where to get the  pattern – To keep this site and its patterns free. This is The original Topsy Turvy Doll pattern. NOT need to sign into Ravelry to be able to download. I love the simplicity of the pattern. It is well written and the instructions are very clear.

You start at one head, work the body, work the second body and then finish at the second dolls head. The arms are then made and sewn on. And to complete the dress you are picking up stitches around each dolls waist. I have made these dolls to look like Elsa and Ana from frozen with matching colours, but the best is to look like Cinderella and she magically becomes the princess. Look out for the next blog post. How to add hair to your amigurumi Crochet Doll. Remember to Subscribe to our email to keep up to date with notifications.