A quick guide to important info sites on Debito. This page is designed for people who need help with a situation in Japan, and want a quick guide to information sites on debito. Click on a deal a meal cards pdf to page down.

Visas and employment, redundancies, and unemployment insurance. Note that these links are not exhaustive. There is lots more on the www. Blog, so surf around and see what you can get. To use a search engine: Access Google, type in www. Legally, nobody can ask for it unless they have been endowed with police powers by the Ministry of Justice. Yes, that means hotels, video store clerks, sports clubs, and JR platform attendants legally cannot demand it as a condition for providing service.

Of course, many situations need ID when customer accountability is a must–like, say, before renting out equipment. Basically, you should request to show the same form of ID being demanded from regular Japanese customers. If you have no other form of ID and you’re willing to show the Gaijin Card–go right ahead. But if you do have suitable ID which should suffice, there is no reason for you to have to show the Gaijin Card in addition.

By the way, carry the Gaijin Card on your person at all times. If you’re caught without it, it is a criminal offense in Japan, meaning you can be arrested. More on that in HANDBOOK and immediately below. Zainichi generational “foreign” ethnic Koreans, Chinese etc. Gaijin Cards physically submitted for photocopying.

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