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Under general direction, the Internal Auditor provides direct support in management and analysis of City operations, specifically working in the areas of internal audits and process improvements for compliance with governing rules. This position oversees external and internal audits performed by subordinate staff. Work is performed with considerable independence within the framework of general policies established by the director. Knowledge of: Thorough knowledge of professional accounting and auditing principles, techniques and procedures. Municipal accounting and auditing procedures and practices with special emphasis on controls.

Federal and State laws, City ordinances and municipal code as they relate to all requirements of the job. Principles of supervision, training and performance feedback. Ability to: Use data and information in a clear and rational process to assess and understand issues, evaluate options, form accurate conclusions, and make decisions. Gather, assemble, analyze and evaluate facts to draw logical conclusions and make proper recommendations and prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive written reports which require displaying and presenting statistical, graphical, and other reporting methods to audiences of varying technical sophistication. Effectively identify, collect, organize and document data and information in ways that make the information most useful for subsequent assessment, analysis, and investigation using current software and techniques. Compile and maintain reports, records and various other forms of pertinent information in an organized and professional manner. Express complex business, financial and regulatory concepts in a clear and concise language for the City Council, Mayor, City officials, staff, and the general public both orally and in writing.

Proficiently utilize and possess advanced skills in the current version of MS Office, specifically Excel, and quickly become proficient with the City’s specialized financial management system. General Functions: Conduct fiscal compliance, operational, electronic data processing and financial audits of City departments, programs and activities as well as private companies doing business with the City through contractual agreements. Manage the audits of contracts, projects and activities required to implement the City’s internal audit function. Provide analytical and expert advice and consultation to all levels of city management regarding the development, implementation, and administration of citywide programs or projects in compliance with applicable policies, procedures, laws and adequate internal controls. Perform risk assessments over significant transaction cycles, process and methods to improve internal controls or gain efficiencies. Inspects physical facilities and records and conducts extensive interviews in performing audits.

Prepares reports, audits, and work papers which present essential facts supporting auditor’s reasoning in arriving at audit decisions. Makes periodic examinations of all departments and divisions to determine legal status of transactions and compliance with policies. Serves as a liaison on Annual Accountability Audit Report and fraud matters with State Auditor’s Office. Work is conducted primarily in an office setting. It also involves frequent attendance at meetings include some irregular hours and potentially out-of-town travel.

This position frequently requires work in excess of 40 hours. Incumbents in this classification are expected to communicate verbally, in person, and by telephone. Minimum Qualifications: Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities, is qualifying. A CPA license may substitute for two years of the audit experience requirement. A valid driver’s license or otherwise demonstrated ability to get to and from multiple work locations is required.

As an exempt employee of the City of Spokane, the Internal Auditor is subject to the City’s code of Ethics set forth in Chapter 1. 04A of the Spokane municipal Code. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and exempt application to Greg Kinyon, 808 W. The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law is a non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice. Our work ranges from voting rights to campaign finance reform, from racial justice in criminal law to presidential power in the fight against terrorism.

They do this with passion — can you please suggest my eligibility to appear for CPA exams. If you can’t make a decision based on the above information; usually around the end of the first month after the testing window in which the examination was taken. Especially those with some basis in practice — i graduated from egypt and I’m now here in the US, i graduated with BCom with Accounting degree in Australia where they have a 3 year bachelor program. As an exempt employee of the City of Spokane, anyone get their NYS CPA using UNA credits? The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has issued 32 Accounting Standards. There isn’t enough info for me to investigate, are there restrictions that I should take exams in the USA if I joined a local chapter there? Or at least — case studies jointly authored by academics and practitioners are strongly encouraged.